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CustomBuild Longhorn - Bandit Trans Am

CustomBuild Longhorn with our tribute to the Bandit Trans Am


Beautiful black finish with brushed aluminum guard.  Blackout invader style pickup set.  Blackout Wilkinson vintage tremolo with bent steel saddles (unstamped).  Upgraded brass big-block tremolo.  Includes whammy bar.  Control knobs kind've look like Trans Am rims/tires.  Authentic replacement Trans Am decal set with Pontiac and Trans Am logos with side post/door Firebird.


Blackout modern sealed tuners with 21:1 gear ratio.  Natural finish neck hand rubbed to a smooth sheen at back of neck for easy play.  Bone nut, 12" Radius, modern C shape.


Easily passes the playability/quality test but be aware that a metal guard with high wind pickups can be "alive".  Very nice player and looks killer.  Hard to get good pictures of a black guitar....


CustomBuild Longhorn - Bandit Trans Am

  • Our guitars come standard with our Total Setup Program.  Ready to go on day one.  9-46 ClearTone string set. We adjust the neck for proper relief and string action, clean/level, debur and polish frets, set intonation, adjust/file and polish nut, and do a full check on electronics and playability.

    Affordable custom guitars?  Yeah we do that.

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