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Our Story

Thin The Herd is a small guitar shop specializing in affordable custom guitars for those who appreciate them as art as well as instruments. It is our mission to provide an instrument that surpasses expectations in beauty and quality, at a price that working musicians can easily afford.


"Custom Build" is on our headstock and at the core of our design philosophy.  Each one of our guitars is unique in it's own way. None of our Custom Build Series guitars are mass produced - ever. We order it, then we build it. (we are sensitive to copyrighted designs.  We avoid any design elements that infringe on trademark or copyrights)


Our "Blank Slate" series is a new way to get a Custom Build guitar for those who want to customize it themselves. A Blank Slate guitar comes unloaded - no pickups or wiring harness. This allows you to buy a reduced price instrument that is mod-ready. Just add your favorite pickups and wiring configuration and you have a brand new custom guitar! Don't pay for all of the electronics that you were going to rip out anyway, get a Blank Slate!

Money back guarantee! It can be difficult buying a guitar online that you've never held in your hands. We gladly take returns. Please note that these are brand new guitars. There will be some tweaks and final setups needed to suit a player's personal tastes and expectations. Figure this cost into your purchase.


"Choose your instrument according to the specs and features and prices that suit you—and most importantly, its feel in your hands and its sound to your own ears—rather than approaching with any bias related to which country it was made... Our guitars are made by skilled workers, who take as much pride in building guitars as do workers in America. We are truly spoiled for choices in the 21st century, and it’s a great time to be alive as a guitarist!" 


Thanks for considering a Custom Build guitar and Thin The Herd!


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