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Our Story

CustomBuild is an Austin Texas based guitar shop specializing in affordable custom guitars for those who appreciate them as art as well as instruments. It is our mission to provide an instrument that surpasses expectations in beauty and quality, at a price that working musicians can easily afford.


"Custom Build" is on our headstock and at the core of our design philosophy.  Each one of our guitars is unique in it's own way. 

Money back guarantee! It can be difficult buying a guitar online that you've never held in your hands. We gladly take returns. Rest assured that we spend hours making sure your guitar is ready to gig on day 1.  


Our guitars come standard with our "Total Setup Program"  This includes adjusting the neck for proper relief and string action.  We level,crown, file and polish the frets.  Set intonation, adjust/file and condition the nut and do a full check on electronics and playability.  Our 


We also believe in giving back to our communities, supporting organizations like Blue Star Connection.  The Blue Star Connection mission is to provide access and ownership of musical instruments for children and adults with cancer and other serious life challenges. To date we have reached over 1200 kids and have donated musical gear to 100's of Children’s Hospitals and Music Therapy programs, as well as several other community programs. Please help us continue this mission.  A portion of your guitar purchase goes toward building our unique Blue Star Connection guitars!  You can also donate the full cost of one of these guitars that would quickly be in the hands of patients in this program... message us for details on how to support this amazing cause.


Thanks for purchasing a Custom Build guitar!


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