30.5 T-BASS Designed By BIRDSONG - Robin Blue

Our premium Bass guitar! The CBG 30.5 T-BASS is a collaborative venture between Custom Build Guitars and legendary short-scale bass luthier Scott Beckwith of Birdsong Guitars.  Together, we've incorporated Scott's unique approach to building world-class, short-scale bass guitars, with our ability to produce professional-grade guitars at very competitive prices!  The T-BASS offers all the legendary tone and performance features you'd expect from a Birdsong short-scale bass; wrapped in a cool comtemporary package, and with colors that scream vintage!  


Scott started with our familiar Model T body, then applied his signature 'recipe' for quality tone and ease-of-playability into the design.  Loaded with EMG-sized, custom-wound PUNCHBUCKER Pickups - specified by Scott Beckwith.  The TBass is built to produce the signature BIG SOUND players expect from a Birdsong short-scale bass!  


Blues, jazz, funk, rock, metal... this T-BASS can handle it all.  It's world-class for the working-class! Check out the video!


Available in ALPINE WHITE, SEA FOAM GREEN and ROBIN BLUE.  (More standard colors and options coming soon!)


IF OUT OF STOCK, PRE-ORDERS AVAILABLE: Delivery takes approximately 90 days from your paid order.  


All custom ordered T-BASS purchases include a free hard shell case!



30.5 T-BASS Designed By BIRDSONG - Robin Blue

  • Your TBass arrives ready to rock on day one.  Includes our Total Setup Program!  Frets leveled, fretboard conditioned, clean/polish frets, adjust for proper string height, electronics test, and intonate bridge.


    CLICK HERE for Scott Beckwith T-BASS VIDEO