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SSS Longhorn  - Placid Blue - Maple

CustomBuild Longhorn SSS...


Lake Placid Blue metallic over a roasted ash body.  Storms of Jupiter pickguard.  Pearl translucent effect.  Like an oyster shell.  Ranges from blue/white to blue with accents of white/pink/purple depending on angle and light.  Far from your standard white guard!  


Includes our Hot 80's Era custom wound pickups.  Overwound pickups that are our most blues/overdrive friendly single coil pickups.  Wonderful clean tones as well.  Wound with plain enamel/purple wire with classic black fiber base/top bobbin.  Slightly beveled Alnico 5 pickup magnets.   Brass post 250k Pots - oversized .22 cap, Fender Oak switch and Switchcraft full contact jack. Cloth pushback wiring. Lower Tone knob for bridge only, upper tone knob for middle/neck pickups.  Traditional 5-way switch setup.  Treble bleed mod to keep your tone consistent as you roll off the volume.


Pickup Specs:

Neck - 6.69 k

Middle RWRP - 6.84 k

Bridge - 7.24 k


Gig worthy electronics and hardware for years of reliability and tuning stability. 


Wilkinson modern sealed tuners with 18:1 gear ratio and mini roto buttons.  Chrome 6 screw vintage floating tremolo with bent saddles and high mass big block trem. Push-in whammy bar.


Roasted maple neck with black dot fret markers.  Gloss finish looks amazing.  Some nice grain to this neck.  Bone nut.  Modern C profile.  9.5" radius for a vintage feel.  


SSS Longhorn - Placid Blue - Maple

  • Our guitars come standard with our Total Setup Program. Ready to go on day one!  9-46 hybrid string set. We adjust the neck for proper relief and string action, clean/level, debur and polish frets, set intonation, adjust/file and polish nut, and do a full check on electronics and playability.

    Affordable custom guitars?  Yeah we do that.

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