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Relic Paisley Model T - Vintage Bridge

Medium Relic Paisley front and back!  Satin finish.

80's Fender Patent bridge with original saddles and cover. Includes our Texas Tea pickups set.  Classic Tele tones!  Brass shaft pots and oversized .22 cap. Oak Grisby switch. Cloth pushback wiring.  Pro quality guts for years of reliability.  Relic pickguard from ATX Relics - best around.  Twang or overdrive delight... Blues and rockin' country are easy to get!   

Rosewood on Maple neck with circle inlay fret markers.  Medium jumbo frets, 14" radius, Modern C profile, bone nut.  Wilkinson modern sealed tuners with mini roto buttons.  Added scar at headstock so you won't have to worry about it's first ding....  


Crazy paisley!  Play something unique...

Relic Paisley Model T - Vintage Bridge

  • Our guitars come standard with our Total Setup Program.  Ready to go on day one!  ClearTone 10-46 string set. We adjust the neck for proper relief and string action, clean/level, debur and polish frets, set intonation, adjust/file and polish nut, and do a full check on electronics and playability.

    Affordable custom guitars?  Yeah we do that.

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