Model T - Sky Blue

Hot rod Model T with a color scheme to match!


Tele bridge, humbucker neck for tone variety!  Hot tele tones at bridge and rock 'n roll at the neck.  Kent Armstrong humbucker.  3-way switch and custom machined vol/tone knobs.  


Wilkinson bridge with compensated brass saddles with string through bridge.  

Alder body with tummy countour.  Headstock color matched to body with our custom Duo head design.


Rosewood fretboard with custon circle inlays.  14" radius, modern C profile.  Modern sealed tuners.


Instant classic...



Model T - Sky Blue

  • Guitar has gone through our Total Setup program!  Polish/level frets, file fret ends, check electronics, adjust neck relief, adjust saddles, intonate bridge and check/adjust nut for proper string height.  10-46 Ernie Ball strings. Ready to go right out of the box!  We specialize in an awesome guitar for the money and think you'll agree. 

    Affordable custom guitars?  Yeah we do that…