Hardtail Longhorn - Z28

Hot Rod tone machine!


The engine of the Z28 Longhorn comes equipped with 3 Z-coil pickups, providing high horsepower and smooth power. Hi-fi pickups that can show you what your amp can really do! Tones can reach strat zone by simply rolling off the volume, crack to full volume for humbucker tone. These pickups are sought after for their unique ability to cover a wide range of music styles while being ultra quiet..


Blackburst finish with a quilted maple top.  Double bound body.  Black binding can't really be seen through the black finish.  Mahogany body


Rosewood neck, modern tuners. 14" radius, modern C profile.

Guitar has gone through our Total Setup program!  Fresh set of 10-46's, clean/de-burr/level and polish frets, check electronics, adjust neck relief, adjust saddles, intonate bridge and check/adjust nut for proper string height.  Ready to go right out of the box!  

Hardtail Longhorn - Z28