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Cobra Blue Longhorn  - Rosewood

CustomBuild Longhorn with a killer color scheme...


Cobra Blue metallic over an Alder body.  Aged white/ parchment guard still with protective plastic. 


Includes our 60's Era custom wound pickups.  Just slightly overwound from original '64 specs at neck and bridge pickups but our most classic sounding pickups.  Sounds like what an early strat would.  Period correct plain enamel/purple wire with custom shop red base/top bobbin.  Beveled pickup magnets for comfortable playing and less string pull from the staggered magnet poles.  Alpha 250k Pots - orange drop cap, Oak switch and Switchcraft full contact jack. Cloth pushback wiring. Lower Tone knob for bridge and middle, upper Tone knob for neck pickup only.  Traditional 5-way switch setup.


Approx Pickup Specs:

Neck - 6.3

Middle RWRP - 6.5

Bridge - 6.5


Gig worthy electronics and hardware for years of reliability and tuning stability.  Chrome Gotoh modern sealed tuners 18:1 ratio, and Fender 6 screw vintage tremolo with bent saddles and high mass big block trem. 


Roasted Satin Nitro finished neck with silver dot fret markers.  70's style headstock.  Bone nut.  Modern C profile.  12" radius for easy fretting and bends.


Cobra Blue Longhorn - Rosewood

  • Our guitars come standard with our Total Setup Program. Ready to go on day one! ClearTone 9-46 string set. We adjust the neck for proper relief and string action, clean/level, debur and polish frets, set intonation, adjust/file and polish nut, and do a full check on electronics and playability.

    Affordable custom guitars?  Yeah we do that.

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