Birdsong Designed T Bass - Short Scale - Snow White

Our newest Bass model designed by Scott Beckwith of Birdsong Guitars.  We've taken his unique approach to building world-class short scale basses and made it available to the masses.  All the tone and thoughtful design features you'd expect from a Birdsong, wrapped in an affordable package.  

Introducing the TBass!  Scott started with our familiar Model T body and designed this Bass to capture a multitude of tones in one sleek 30.5" Scale guitar.  Blues, jazz, funk, rock, metal.  This TBass can handle it all.

5-ply binding over a mahogany body. Tummy contour at back for comfortable playing.  Dual Punchbucker pickups crank out the deep talking bass tones. Rosewood neck. Black headstock face. 

Your TBass arrives ready to go on day 1.  Includes a full setup including ClearTone 45-105 strings. 

Birdsong Designed T Bass - Short Scale - Snow White