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Reclaimed Arizona Pine body with a killer stain mix.  Dark brown with hints of blue.  3 light coats of semi-gloss poly.  Not sanded down totally smooth - has areas of rougher texture.  Cool vibe.

Loaded with a GFS Vintage pickups. Ceramic bar magnet pickups, bridge 6.4K and neck at 50's style 5.5K. Easy to get blues and rock but great cleans as well.  Lots of tonal options.


Vintage tele ashtray bridge with notched brass saddles. Top load.  Full sized pots, half moon switch.

Maple on maple neck, 12" Radius, Modern C profile. Medium frets. Chrome hardware including vintage tuners.

Approx 6 lbs

Plays and feels great but wow it's beautiful guitar! 

Barncaster Model T

  • Guitar has gone through our Total Setup program! Fresh set of ClearTone hybrid set 9-46's.   Clean/de-burr, frets, check electronics, adjust neck relief, adjust saddles, intonate bridge and check/adjust nut for proper string height.  Ready to gig right out of the box!  We specialize in an awesome guitar for the money and think you'll agree.   

    Affordable custom guitars?  Yeah we do that…